Insights + Real Time Advertising
the SIMPLE Digital Marketing Platform

KNOW: harness detailed Insights on your site visitors

TARGET: leverage Insights to build targetable Prospects

GROW: engage & convert Prospects via real-time ad campaigns

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Choozle Marketing Action Platform

enables ACTION by simplifying big data & programmatic ad buying, empowering you to efficiently drive ROI

Measure Your Audience
MEASURE Your Audience

Understand your site visitors like never before. Gather rich data & learn from audience insights that include data points focused on demographics, psychographics, purchase intent & consumer behaviors.

Create Ads and Media Content
TARGET the Right Consumers

You're in control - easily launch Retargeting, Acquisition or Brand Awareness campaigns to the right people. Tap into the power of big data & nerdy algorithms to craft the perfect audiences, simply in a few clicks.

Execute and Optimize Ad Campaigns
EXECUTE Programmatic Ad Campaigns

Harness the power of real-time bidding (RTB) by building data-driven ad campaigns in a few clicks across display, mobile, social & video ad networks. View detailed reports for on-the-fly campaign optimization.

The SIMPLE programmatic marketing platform built for you

Forget DMP, DSP, CTR, and all the others... Just focus on ROI

Powered by big data & simplified to empower every marketer. Choozle enables SIMPLE execution of programmatic ad campaigns targeted to just the right audience in one easy-to-use platform. Say no to complexity & being in the dark. Say yes to being in control & having access to professional-grade tools that level the playing field.

Choozle - the SIMPLE programmatic marketing platform built for you. Know & grow your business with our easy to use data-driven tools.

Easy-to-use ad tech stack - Powered by big data, simplified to fit every marketer.

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